Turkey has emerged in recent years as one of Ukraine’s key economic partners and a leading source of international investment. According to Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association Chairman Burak Pehlivan, this relationship is set to blossom further as the two countries continue to explore opportunities created by close geographical ties and highly complementary economies.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Ukraine on youtube

Does your wardrobe include any Ukrainian fashion labels? This recently released mini-documentary features some of the key personalities behind what many observers regard as a renaissance in the Ukrainian fashion industry that has seen Ukrainian designers and Ukrainian fashion brands gain unprecedented levels of international recognition and win favor among a growing list of global celebrities.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Ukrainian networking events

2021 Legal Awards Ceremony in Kyiv

Representatives from Ukraine’s leading law firms gathered in June at stylish Kyiv region country complex EQUIDES for the 2021 edition of the annual Legal Awards ceremony honoring the country’s most prominent legal services providers. This year’s awards ceremony, which was organized by Ukrainian legal industry publishing house Yuridicheskaya Praktika, featured prizes in a total of 52 different nominations covering every aspect of the legal services sector.

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Business Ukraine magazine issue  Autumn 2021

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Which Ukrainian city is best placed to develop as an international tourism destination?
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