REFORMING THE REGIONS: Are local initiatives with regional authorities the best way to combat Ukraine’s chronic corruption?

Ukrainians remain deeply cynical about the post-Maidan reform process but local success stories offer an opportunity to produce practical results and challenge an institutionalized culture of corruption


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

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Evidence has emerged directly implicating senior Russian figures in a plot to stage-manage unrest across eastern and southern Ukraine in early 2014 as a prelude to a full-scale military invasion and Crimean-style occupation of half the country. If authenticated, these leaked telephone conversations would shatter two-and-a-half years of Russian denials and could form part of an international war crimes case against the Kremlin

Friday, 26 August 2016

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Ramada Encore Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

Kyiv’s Ramada Encore Hotel celebrated its fourth anniversary in June with a colourful summer party at the venue for friends and partners. The event also saw the unveiling of new Swiss Hotel Management Company DBI, which will have its own three brands, as well as managing multinational brands like Ramada Encore. DBI officials say the company aims to help the owners of small and mid-level hotels in Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe to operate their properties more efficiently and...

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Which sector of the Ukrainian economy will benefit most from EU free trade?
Which sector of the Ukrainian economy will benefit most from EU free trade?
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