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Thursday, 06 October 2016

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France 24 correspondents report from Occupied Donetsk and find signs of Russian control at every turn. There is a somewhat surreal mood to much of the report, with the sense that everyone knows the Russian role but refuses to talk about it. At one point during filming, the French camera crew actually catches militants discussing the possibility of dressing people up as Ukrainian soldiers in order to stage a fake incident for the benefit of Russian TV audiences.

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German business service provider marks a decade in Kyiv

On 15 September, the Kyiv office of SCHNEIDER GROUP gathered friends and partners at a gala event in the Ukrainian capital to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its presence in Ukraine. SCHNEIDER GROUP is a German firm with multiple CIS branches that assists international businesses in market entry as well as other back office services including accounting, payroll, legal, and IT. The event was attended by representatives of the international business community, executives from the...

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Business Ukraine magazine issue September 2016

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Which sector of the Ukrainian economy will benefit most from EU free trade?
Which sector of the Ukrainian economy will benefit most from EU free trade?
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