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Yaroslavsky congratulates Kharkiv’s Karazin University on 215th anniversary

Congratulations also came from Chinese billionaire tech entrepreneur Jack Ma who visited the venerable Kharkiv institute of higher education during autumn 2019

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 19:19

Photogenic Kyiv ranks among the world’s top 50 Instagram cities for 2020

The Ukrainian capital is in 33rd position globally in the annual ranking based on appearances on popular social media photo-sharing platform Instagram

Thursday, 23 January 2020 14:58

Zhytomyr hotel project aims to transform Ukraine’s regional hospitality industry

MOI Zhytomyr hotel concept offers everything from rooms and apartments to co-working

Wednesday, 08 January 2020 20:33

Bringing Norwegian business culture to the booming Ukrainian IT industry

How Norwegian ties have helped Ukraine’s Infopulse become internationally competitive

Wednesday, 08 January 2020 19:41

Ukraine prepares for farmland sales breakthrough with big questions still unanswered

Ukrainian society remains deeply divided over the end of the country’s farmland sale moratorium despite the potential for major economic benefits

Wednesday, 08 January 2020 19:26

OPINION: How to put the Ukrainian real estate industry on the global investment map

Ukrainian real estate companies can act as informal ambassadors to help counter the country’s lingering problems with international obscurity

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 20:01

Yaroslavsky marks sixtieth birthday by unveiling museum to Euro 2012 in Kharkiv

DCH Group president Yaroslavsky was the main private investor behind Kharkiv’s preparations to serve as a host city during the summer 2012 European football championship

Friday, 06 December 2019 21:51

"Ukrainians are innovation-friendly consumers who genuinely enjoy shopping"

PepsiCo Ukraine General Manager Marek Tomalak says Ukraine is among the region’s most dynamic consumer markets

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 22:00

Dnipro launches new airport construction project together with Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group

Comprehensive airport redevelopment project will serve as a flagship public-private partnership as Ukraine seeks to attract greater infrastructure investment

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 15:06

Ukrainian-American artist Ola Rondiak explores Ukrainian realities six years after Maidan

Ola Rondiak’s “Metempsychosis” exhibition will open at Kyiv’s Revolution of Dignity Museum (Independence Square) on 21 November

Thursday, 14 November 2019 02:55

Chornobyl attracts record numbers of tourists as HBO effect generates interest

The hit HBO TV series has helped revive interest in Ukraine's Chornobyl Exclusion Zone and sparked efforts to upgrade tourist infrastructure at the site of the world's worst atomic energy disaster 

Monday, 11 November 2019 17:40

Yaroslavsky welcomes China’s Alibaba tech legend Jack Ma to Kharkiv University

The founder of the Alibaba service has given a motivational speech to students at Kharkiv National University stressing the importance of optimism

Friday, 08 November 2019 12:49

SkyUp expands domestic portfolio with launch of new Kyiv-Kharkiv service

Ukrainian budget carrier SkyUp is one of a number of airlines currently seeking to expand into the Ukrainian domestic flight market

Thursday, 07 November 2019 22:03

Ukraine progresses two places in annual survey of world’s top national brands

Since 2014 Ukraine has begun focusing on international brand promotion for the first time since the country gained independence in 1991

Thursday, 07 November 2019 21:58

Yaroslavsky offers backing for Zelenskyy’s efforts to revamp Kharkiv region defense sector

Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky tells President Zelenskyy he is ready to act alone if necessary to transform rundown state-owned defense sector enterprises

Thursday, 07 November 2019 01:27

Yaroslavsky ready to invest USD 100 million to construct new airport in Donetsk

Ukrainian businessman Yaroslavsky was behind the reconstruction of Kharkiv International Airport and hopes to begin work on a comprehensive Dnipro International Airport upgrade in spring 2020

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 19:13

Turkish Airlines sees Ukraine passenger numbers increase by 17% so far in 2019

Interview: Turkey’s flagship carrier has been present in Ukraine for more than a quarter of a century

Sunday, 27 October 2019 22:47

Renewable energy insurance insights for companies considering Ukrainian market

Potential investors should make sure they insure against the unexpected as they flock to Ukraine’s renewables sector

Sunday, 27 October 2019 22:19

REFORM REALITIES: Can Ukrainian tax reform live up to today’s high expectations?

The new government promises to pursue business-friendly tax reform but initial signals are mixed

Sunday, 27 October 2019 14:56

World Bank upgrades Ukraine GDP growth forecast amid mounting economic optimism

The World Bank is the latest international heavyweight to improve its GDP forecast for Ukraine and follows similar recent upgrades by the IMF and Morgan Stanley

Sunday, 20 October 2019 21:14

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