Dnipro launches new airport construction project together with Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group

Comprehensive airport redevelopment project will serve as a flagship public-private partnership as Ukraine seeks to attract greater infrastructure investment

Dnipro launches new airport construction project together with Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group
A planning meeting held in Dnipro on 19 November marked the official start of work on the reconstruction of Dnipro International Airport in partnership with Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group
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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 15:06

On 19 November, work began on the long-awaited reconstruction of Dnipro International Airport with a meeting bringing together regional and district authorities along with the National Agency for Infrastructure Projects and airport officials to discuss plans developed by project partner Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group. A number of issues where on the agenda including urban planning and the use of budget funds. Regular meetings will now take place as the project progresses.

Regional officials have confirmed that the reconstruction of Dnipro International Airport will take place in a public-private partnership format. Construction of a new runway and associated infrastructure elements will receive state financing. Costs are estimated at UAH 3 billion, with UAH 1 billion allocated by parliament in the recently confirmed 2020 state budget. A selection process is currently underway to identify a design partner for this component of the project.

The private partner in the project is Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s DCH Group, which has successful experience in the reconstruction of Ukrainian airports thanks to the comprehensive upgrade of Kharkiv International Airport carried out prior to Euro 2012. DCH Group will construct and operate the terminal facilities of the new Dnipro International Airport, with a planned investment of USD 70 million.

“The state budget for the coming year confirms UAH 1 billion for the Dnipro airport project. We will immediately begin work and quickly coordinate all technical issues in order to start terminal and runway construction on time. We expect building work to get underway as early as 2020,” commented Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration chair Oleksandr Bondarenko.

Austrian aviation industry company Airport Consulting Vienna has started preparation of planning documentation for Dnipro International Airport. Experts from DCH are working with the Airport Consulting Vienna team to prepare information on the development of the airfield and airport itself, together with a business plan covering the period until 2045.

Volodymyr Vasilchenko, who serves as project manager for the construction of Dnipro International Airport and general director of Kharkiv International Airport, explained the priorities at the planning stage and expressed confidence in the project’s Austrian design partners. “In line with the practice established for the reconstruction of Kharkiv International Airport, our initial priorities include determining the layout of the entire airfield complex, together with specific infrastructure elements. Naturally, we will also input operational dynamics and long-term development issues. I am confident that in cooperation with Airport Consulting Vienna, we can quickly complete this preliminary planning stage.”

Yuriy Rubanov of Airport Consulting Vienna commented that he was well acquainted with the current conditions at Dnipro International Airport. “We carried out pre-design studies in early 2019, evaluating and presenting a series of possible construction options. The most economically viable scenario has since been chosen. Airport Consulting Vienna has vast international experience advising on investment projects in the airport industry, and we will apply this expertize to the Dnipro project in order to create a modern and convenient international air gateway.”

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