Ukraine feeds the world: Ukrainian agricultural producers secured access to 85 new export markets around the world in 2018 as the country cemented its position as a rising global food security superpower

Ukraine has historically been seen as the breadbasket of Europe - the country is now actively developing a far bigger presence on global food markets
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Friday, 08 March 2019 12:21

Ukraine secured access to 85 new agricultural export markets last year as the country continued to expand its global reach as a food supplier. The process was part of an ongoing expansion trend that has seen Ukrainian foodstuffs exporters gain greater market share since 2014 in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

New markets entered in 2018 included Albania, Tunisia and Ghana (poultry), Montenegro, Morocco and Serbia (eggs), North Macedonia (milk) and the United Arab Emirates (sheep). India was Ukraine’s number one agricultural export market in 2018 for the second consecutive year.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU grew 8.7% year-on-year to reach USD 6.3 billion.  Ukraine’s top five agriculture partners within the EU in 2018 were the Netherlands (USD 1.2 billion), Spain (USD 1 billion), Italy (USD 738 million), Germany (USD 667 million), and Poland (USD 657 million).

This is a remarkable departure from pre-2014 export trade patterns which saw Ukrainian agricultural exporters look primarily to Russia and the former Soviet region. However, the geopolitical realities of the undeclared and ongoing war with Russia have encouraged Ukrainian exporters to broaden their global horizons and enter new markets around the world.  

“Ukraine’s agricultural exporters have dramatically expanded their geographic reach in recent years, entering 85 new international markets in 2018 alone,” comments UkraineInvest Chairman Daniel Bilak. “This underscores Ukraine’s growing role in global food security role and enhances the investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian agriculture sector.”

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