INVESTMENT: The Finnish giant helping Ukraine’s cargo industry to load up

Cargotec Ukraine sees significant room for growth as Ukrainian cargo industry eyes greater efficiency

INVESTMENT: The Finnish giant helping Ukraine’s cargo industry to load up
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:36

As one of Europe’s great transit nations, Ukraine is a major focus of the continent’s cargo industries. The flagship Finnish presence in the Ukrainian cargo industry is Cargotec Ukraine LLC, which has been active in Ukraine providing cargo handling and loading solutions since 2008. Cargotec Ukraine is a subsidiary of Finland’s Cargotec Corporation, a global market leader in cargo flow that brings together load handling brands Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor.

The key focus of the Cargotec Ukraine business is the sale and servicing of Haib brand products for road transportation loading. The company’s product range in Ukraine includes Hiab loader cranes, Loglift and Jonsered forestry and recycling cranes, Moffett truck mounted forklifts, Multilift hook loaders and skip loaders, and Del, Waltco, and Zepro tail lifts. Cargotec Ukraine’s Vladimir Kuptsov explained to Business Ukraine magazine why he sees huge scope for the development of the loading business in a Ukrainian cargo industry that is increasingly seeking to modernize and upgrade.


Since entering Ukraine in 2008, you have established yourselves among the market leaders. How do you seek to maintain this position amid growing international interest in the Ukrainian cargo industry?

Our position depends on the three words that form the essence of everything we do as a company: simply put, this means, “built to perform”. Since its foundation, our company has remained focused on the needs of our customers. We know how to offer an individual approach to each client’s specific needs, while also adhering to clear and understandable corporate rules and regulations. This creates a solid foundation for business and provides the kind of clarity necessary to build long-term partnerships. Technical advantages also play a key role in allowing us to maintain our leadership position in Ukraine. The unique Hiab technologies we are able to offer, along with a wide selection and unrivalled security, help to generate faith in our brand and give us a competitive edge.


What do you see as your most important achievements in the Ukrainian market?

In the nine years since we began operations in Ukraine, we have managed to establish ourselves as a reliable supplier and partner for companies operating in a variety of industries. We have developed productive relationships with both international companies and regional enterprises in a wide range of different spheres including the construction industry, the electricity industry, timber, waste management, communal services, agriculture, the defense industry and much more. We now have a nationwide dealer and service network that allows us to offer high quality service and to support to our clients at short notice. Our qualified specialists are always on hand to provide professional advice and, when required, original spare parts. We also cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers in the cargo and transportation sectors, so we are able to handle complex orders and manage supply issues in a manner that takes into account the individual requirements of the client and the specifics of their particular business. Our partners are successful businesses and we aim to play our part in making sure they stay that way by providing them with effective solutions. The goal is always the same – fruitful, long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.  


How do you see the cargo loading business developing in Ukraine over the coming few years?

In my opinion, the Ukrainian market for lifting and loading equipment still has huge growth potential. We are seeing more and more interest in lifting equipment among companies engaged in the cargo transportation industry as they seek to improve safety while reducing downtime and optimizing loading and unloading processes. According to current statistics, Ukraine has more than 1.3 million cargo-bearing vehicles, but only around 2% have lifting equipment installed. Meanwhile, in the European Union the figure is one in every three cargo-bearing vehicles. The difference between these two statistics serves to underline the massive room for growth in Ukraine. It also gives us something to work towards and aim for.


About the interviewee: Vladimir Kuptsov is the General Director of Cargotec Ukraine

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