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U.S.-UKRAINE INVESTMENT: Meeting Ukrainian demand for international hotel brands

U.S.-based Wyndham Hotel Group looks forward to renewing Ukraine expansion once economy improves

U.S.-UKRAINE INVESTMENT: Meeting Ukrainian demand for international hotel brands
Kyiv's Ramada Encore Hotel (courtesy photo)
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Saturday, 05 December 2015 18:26

When did the Wyndham Hotel Group first enter the Ukrainian market?

Our presence in Ukraine currently sits under our Ramada and Ramada Encore brands. Our first property in the country was the 165-room Ramada Donetsk which opened at the end of March 2011. The Ramada Lviv opened its 102 rooms to the public in May 2012, followed shortly after by our largest property, the 264-room Ramada Encore in Kyiv in June 2012.


What factors attracted Wyndham to the Ukrainian market?

Ukraine’s quickly developing economy attracted Wyndham Hotel Group to the market back in 2011. We also identified a demand for branded hotels with international standards across several cities, and knew that our brands are ideally positioned to cater to this requirement.


How have the upheavals and instability of the past two years in Ukraine affected the Wyndham Hotel Group’s expectations for its Ukrainian assets?

It’s a challenging time for the country as a whole, and the hotel industry has of course been affected. We’ve put some of our development projects on hold but hope to be able to continue our expansion in the country as the economic and political situation improves.


Do you have any plans for further expansion in Ukraine?

Although some projects have been delayed, our developer is currently working on several further contracts throughout the country. We’re certainly committed to furthering our expansion in Ukraine over the coming months and years.


Based on your experience of global emerging markets, which segments of the Ukrainian hospitality industry market do you think have the most potential for growth?

Looking at the country’s economy as a whole and based on our experience in other similarly emerging markets around the world, we see the greatest potential in the budget and mid-market sectors to cater for domestic and international travellers in the major cities.


How does the Wyndham Hotel Group approach to Ukraine differ from the Group’s presence in other regional markets, and what characteristics does it share?

Every country is unique so our development strategy and operational approach is always carefully tailored to the local market. That said, as a global hotel group we of course have international standards which we work hard to maintain across the world in order to offer our guests the quality and consistency they expect from our brands.


About the interviewee: Edwin Broers is Wyndham Hotel Group’s Regional Vice President for Central & Eastern Europe

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