A Corner of Canada in Kyiv

Kyiv's Canadian Club offers an original international dining experience with big discounts for all Canadian passport holders

A Corner of Canada in Kyiv
New on the menu: Kyiv's Canadian Club is a relatively recent addition to the dining out options in the Ukrainian capital
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Thursday, 18 August 2016 03:14

Perched high on the hills of Kyiv’s Pechersk district is a little piece of Canada where you can sample classic North American culinary treats and party the night away fuelled by maple syrup cocktails. Kyiv’s Canadian Club opened for business in April 2016. Venue management say the Canadian theme is a tribute to the endless expanses, frontier freedoms and multicultural cosmopolitanism associated with the country.

The location is conveniently central, overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown Kyiv’s Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard but sufficiently distant from the street to avoid the distracting drone of passing traffic. Instead, guests can enjoy excellent second floor views of city life from the comfort of cozy sofas and elegant leather armchairs. It is a suitably large venue with an open-plan design reminiscent of the vast open spaces of Canada itself. Industrial minimalism and bare concrete pillars mix with contemporary mural art to create an understated hipster feel. A number of giant maple leaf decorative elements add to the Canadian ambience. 

The menu reflects Canada’s diverse heritage, with a wide selection of Anglo-American items alongside French Canadian favorites. Authentic options include Pate Montreal, Canadian Trout, pancakes with maple syrup, and a selection of hearty Tourtiere pie starters. Meat lovers will enjoy the choice of steaks and other carnivorous treats on offer. Portions are generally large, with a wide range of sauces available to complement your order. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian contribution to the Canadian cultural mosaic makes its presence known in a range of dishes including a special Slavonic selection dubbed ‘Recipes of Wayne Gretzky’s Babushka’.

Foodies with a hunger for knowledge should visit the Canadian Club on any evening from Tuesday to Saturday, when the venue has its own expert Culinary Commentator providing running commentaries on menu selections. Families can also take advantage of the Club’s playroom, which is free for customers and comes complete with babysitter supervision daily from 11:00 until 22:00.

In addition to its dining options, the Canada Club is also a popular social spot that comes alive after dark and attracts more than its fair share of Kyiv’s beautiful crowd. The venue hosts some form of evening entertainment on most nights, with live music performances and visiting DJ sets among the most popular attractions. Things usually begin heating up after 21:00. Naturally, the bar menu includes Canadian whiskeys as well as five different maple syrup cocktails.

The Canadian Club is a welcome addition to the Kyiv going out scene, and makes a change from the ensemble of more predictable themed venues like Irish pubs and Americana burger joints. Canadian citizens will find this venue a particularly welcoming place – all Canadian passport holders are entitled to a 20% discount on the entire menu. 



Canadian Club

23b Lesya Ukrainka Blvd.

Tel.: +38-098-2012525

Open: daily from 11:00 until last client

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