DAVOS 2018: Can Ukraine’s Maidan generation inspire UN Charter of Responsibilities?

Ambitious project looks to use experience of young Ukrainians as model for greater community responsibility

DAVOS 2018: Can Ukraine’s Maidan generation inspire UN Charter of Responsibilities?
Screenshot from Kadie Ward’s video presentation using Ukraine’s post-Maidan experience as a model for global community responsibility
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Thursday, 25 January 2018 13:04

“Creating a shared future in a fractured world” is the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. This goal is only possible if the global leaders attending WEF develop new models for cooperation that move beyond narrow interests and focus on the destiny of humanity as a whole. One Canadian believes Ukraine’s experience in recent years may offer some useful pointers.

Kadie Ward says Ukraine’s 2013-14 Revolution of Dignity stands as one example of how community cooperation can transform a nation. Four years ago, a new generation of Ukrainians emerged ready to build a better society based on universal values. Despite a rocky transition and considerable resistance, young Ukrainians are still pushing to transform their nation by taking responsibility for the future of their country.  

Working with the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation (BHFF), Ward is leading a campaign arguing that in order to meet the global agenda of good governance and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development objectives, the global community needs to adopt a Charter of Human Responsibilities. Through her campaign, she seeks to demonstrate how young Ukrainians have already committed to the spirit of this charter and are leading by example. 

To start the dialogue, Ward has created a short video that illustrates the origins of the ideas behind a Charter of Human Responsibilities. In partnership with BHFF and financed by Christine Batruch, President of the BHFF, of the Fondation Vidrodgenia, and VP Corporate Responsibility Lundin Petroleum AB, the short film also profiles young Ukrainians who reflect the values that could serve as a foundation for a future Charter.  

“We want to demonstrate that young people across Ukraine are choosing to take responsibility for building their society, which is leading to responsible and sustainable social and economic development in communities throughout the country,” explains Ward, who is also Founder of Build Strong Cities and Senior Governance Advisor to international development programs financed by The Canadian Government. 

Ward is launching the video in Ukraine House during the World Economic Forum in Davos to honour Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, who contributed to the founding of WEF and developed a Charter of Human Obligations.  The video launch includes a panel discussion to encourage global leaders to question how co-design, co-creation and collaboration can be realized if they commit to a values-based approach and a shared Charter of Human Responsibilities. Amoung the panelists are Christa Markwalder, Member of Swiss Parliament and Former President of the National Council, Ian Charles Stewart, Director of ESH Medias and Co-Founder of WiReD Magazine, and Rainer Schorr, Managing Director of GlobalConnectConsulting AG.

The video launch and panel discussion is taking place on Friday 26 January at 11am CET  and will be live streamed here.

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