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Why Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska’s Vogue magazine photo shoot was a soft power triumph

Kyiv’s key objectives on the information front are to keep the Russian invasion in the international headlines and to overcome Ukraine Fatigue among global audiences. Olena Zelenska’s Vogue interview succeeded on both counts.

Sunday, 31 July 2022 17:00

Could Alexandroupolis port help Ukraine break Russia’s Black Sea blockade?

Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea ports is strangling the country’s export-driven economy while also fueling famine throughout the developing world

Thursday, 21 July 2022 16:19

Why Post-Boris Britain will continue to stand with Ukraine against Putin’s war

Many in Ukraine have expressed regret over the resignation of Boris Johnson as UK PM but his successor is almost certain to maintain British support for Ukraine as the country fights for survival against Russia’s ongoing invasion

Saturday, 09 July 2022 15:02

SISTERS IN ARMS: Prominent role of women in Ukraine's war effort reflects the country's long feminist tradition

Thousands of women are currently serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces as the country fights for its life against Russian invasion

Saturday, 02 July 2022 15:48


Over the past three decades of independence, Ukraine's quest for progress towards future EU membership has come to symbolize the country's post-Soviet rejection of Russian authoritarianism and embrace of European democratic values

Saturday, 02 July 2022 13:42

UKRAINIAN TECH SECTOR: Now is the right time to launch a Digital Marshall Plan for Ukraine

International support for the Ukrainian tech sector may be the most effective way to counter the devastating impact of Russia's invasion

Wednesday, 01 June 2022 14:00

Iconic Ukrainian wartime stamp

A special postage stamp commemorating one of the most iconic acts of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion has captured the nation’s imagination and helped introduce international audiences to Ukraine’s unique brand of defiant...

Saturday, 23 April 2022 19:08

REBUILDING UKRAINE: The EU must be prepared to play a leading role in the post-war Ukrainian recovery

The reconstruction of Ukraine is set to be one of most challenging and ambitious international undertakings of the twenty-first century

Saturday, 23 April 2022 15:56


Russia is seeking to systematically destroy Ukraine's economy as part of Vladimir Putin's military campaign to extinguish Ukrainian statehood. The international community must make sure he does not succeed.

Saturday, 23 April 2022 15:39

Victoire! French state news agency AFP adopts “Kyiv” spelling for Ukrainian capital

More and more international media outlets are switching to the Ukrainian-language “Kyiv” transliteration when referring to the country’s capital city as Ukraine seeks to assert an increasingly independent identity amid an eight-year undeclared...

Tuesday, 04 January 2022 02:53

Putin’s NATO ultimatum is driven by his fear of a free and democratic Ukraine

Russia has recently issued US and NATO leaders with a series of unrealistic security demands but Moscow’s true goal remains the isolation and subjugation of Ukraine

Monday, 03 January 2022 19:31

OPINION: Strong Ukraine-Turkey partnership holds the key to the future of Black Sea region security

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba believes today’s strengthening strategic partnership between Ukraine and Turkey can counter the threat posed by Russia and help guarantee the future security of the Black Sea region

Wednesday, 24 November 2021 21:45

UKRAINE AT 30: Europe's last great unfinished nation-building odyssey continues

Today’s Ukraine is increasingly democratic and European but has yet to become prosperous or live up to its huge potential

Monday, 19 July 2021 23:00

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine obsession could plunge Europe into a major war

The Russian president’s recent essay on the "historical unity" of Russians and Ukrainians lays bare his dangerous imperial delusions and refusal to accept the loss of Ukraine

Monday, 19 July 2021 01:11

UKRAINE AT 30: Maidan’s metamorphosis is the perfect metaphor for Ukraine’s post-Soviet national coming of age

The dramatic reinvention of Kyiv's central square since 1991 as a place of genuine national importance tells the story of modern Ukraine

Monday, 29 March 2021 01:50

Veteran German expat reflects on three remarkable decades in independent Ukraine

Dr. Thomas Winkelmann first arrived in Kyiv just weeks before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and has witnessed many of the key events in Ukraine’s modern history

Monday, 29 March 2021 01:04

English language initiative aims to help Ukrainian combat veterans enter civilian life

US-based NGO seeks to empower Ukrainian military personnel with new language and professional skills

Monday, 29 March 2021 00:47

Ukraine climbs two positions to occupy twenty-fifth place in 2021 ranking of world’s most powerful armed forces

The Ukrainian military has undergone a dramatic transformation since the outbreak of hostilities with Russia in spring 2014

Sunday, 17 January 2021 00:14

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